planet e – Infraschall-Doku – Ein Film geht um die Welt

“Infrasound – Noise we can’t hear”

Infrasound occurs where large masses are in motion. This happens in nature – with avalanches and earthquakes, for instance. But infrasound also arises through technology and industry. It’s caused by large machines and blasting. Even wind turbines …

28 minutes worth it – Please spread widely!

Infrasound video

Since Sunday night, this film has been going around the world, sent by our international distributors.

About film and producer

Birgit Hermes’ documentary had been produced by the ZDF (Second German Television) science programme “planet earth”.
The first broadcast in German took place at the beginning of November 2018 and was a sensation by German standards. So much overt criticism in a country ruled by ideologues and lobbyists.

There are many hostilities against producer and editor Mrs. Birgit Hermes by wind turbine profiteers and climate-savior ideologues.
Supporter emails from around the world:

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